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"Rose Marie Ojehomon"
As a teenager, Rose Marie had a strong love for acting and directing. Following the inclination of her heart, she entered college to study in the field she loved. She graduated from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Theater.

After the unconditional love of God became real in Rose Marie's life, she accepted Christ into her heart in January 1982. During the years that followed, Rose Marie continued to have a strong leaning towards acting and film. She was heartbroken and concerned that it was not possible to borrow Christian videos or films off the shelf from the regular block buster video and other rental video stores. Christian films and videos are only made available upon request and are not put on display. This meant that non-Christians could not casually or accidentally pick them off the shelf like they did their secular counterparts. She believes that Christian videos, films etc should be freely available to the general public. The Lord gave Rose Marie the vision to produce Christian films on a regular basis that acknowledge and confirm the teachings of the Bible and to fill the entertainment vacuum for Christian families and new converts as well as use them as an evangelistic tool to draw souls to Christ.

Rose Marie started the Christian Film Ministry as a non profit 501(c)(3) organization with a vision to write, direct and produce Holy Spirit inspired films to the glory of God that would lead the lost to Christ, restore the backslider and encourage the faithful believer. After submitting fully to God's will and way, the Spirit of the Lord inspired Rose Marie to write the script 'No Turning Back', one of many films to be produced by Christian Film Ministry.

It is Rose Marie's belief that the first viewing of each film will compel viewers to seek a right relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

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