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"David Ogunde"
David Ogunde became born again in 1979 after many years in his father's theatre company where he participated in theatre performances throughout the coast of West Africa, England and Canada. He heard the call of God to preach the gospel through the making and showing of Christian films. He then started and led ‘The Word Productions' a Christian theatre ministry for eight years. This ministry's anointed and powerful performances impacted Christian audiences all over Nigeria leading many to know and love the Lord even to this day.

David Ogunde has over twenty-five years of relationship with churches. He is an evangelist and deliverance minister and has held many church revivals and outreaches both in Nigeria and England. David also studied at the National Film and Television School in Buckinghamshire, England. He is a writer, producer, director, choreographer, cinematographer, avid and media 100 Editor, computer engineer and programmer.

David is currently working on some low budget projects in development which are expected to draw souls to Christ and educate and challenge people to seriously study Bible prophecy in relation to the current social, political and economic trends in the world today.

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